Want a fresh whole rabbit? [Random Tuesday Thoughts]

by BigMamaCass on June 4, 2013

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Yay! Tuesday Random!  I love it because it gives me an excuse to be extra random.  Which… makes me happy.  And today I need happy.


  • Ear infection and teething.  Need I say more?
  • Monk has been my bug guy lately.  And by bug guy, I mean specifically my millipede wrangler.  Because all other bugs make him wiggle and freak out.  So all I have to do is holler “MONK!!  MILLIPEDE!!” and he comes running in like Superman to save the day.  What is especially awesome about this is that every time he comes to wrangle one, he reprimands it.  He goes, “No, no millipede! You are not supposed to be in the house!” or “Now that is enough millipede, I told you to stay outside!”  It’s fantastic.
  • I cannot even begin to guess where he got his bossy side.


  • He is completely addicted to this Spiderman shirt that someone gave him about a week and a half ago.  He wears it as often as possible and trying to get him to take it off is like pulling teeth.  So fun.
  • Did you know you can buy a fresh whole rabbit on Amazon for the bargain price of $45.90?  Seriously?  Why are people buying bunnies?  And why are they spending that much?  Is there a shortage of bunnies all the sudden?  Are they all in my yard?  Pestering my dogs?
  • Speaking of internet.  Why the hell do people in Malaysia keep trying to hack into my Facebook and Google accounts?  SERIOUSLY people?  I am BORING! So irritating.  Now I can’t get my email to work on my phone anymore after all this password changing crap.  GRRR.
  • I’m pretty sure my drunken rambling didn’t bode well with some friends at a wine gathering I attended this weekend.  You know how you just keep drinking and talking because nobody makes you stop?  And then you look back in your brain at all their faces the next day and just hang your head in awesome shame? Just me?  Again?  Oh.


  • I think Monk might have a tiny problem with OCD like his mother.  While it petrifies me what he may go through, a tiny part of me is proud of his super organized brain.
  • May seriously sucked for weight loss.  I am getting my head back in the game!  And back to the damn gym!
  • I might have just screamed like a little girl because the hair that was on my foot was mistaken for a ginormous scary spider.
  • And now the baby is crying.  Again.
  • I rock.


This has been Random Tuesday Thoughts. I am co-hosting with Julie, Ane, Stacy and Raven, while Keely is still on sabbatical from Random. Make sure you random blog at your place and link up at Stacy’s blog. Make sure you post your own madness…. err randomness and link up at Stacy’s blog.


Have a fabulous Tuesday!



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Twitter ID: ShelGreening
June 5, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Funny – J still does that with cars and Jenga blocks.


BigMamaCass June 8, 2013 at 9:30 am



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